What is your car saying? [Over-sharing, Under-protected]


What is your car saying? [Over-sharing, Under-protected]

…Family of five with 3 dogs and 1 cat

…Loves to surf

…Favorite sports team?

…Middle School honor roll student

All of these bumper stickers may seem like simple messages intended to show off your pride, your family structure, or your honor roll student, but in reality they are giving potential predators far too much insight.



Let’s say your car is parked on the street in front of your home or even in your driveway.

You have the stick figure family lineup gracing the back windshield. Perhaps you even have names underneath each figure. Now strangers know exactly how many people make up your family, they know that there may be a dog inside the home to look out for, and they may even know your children’s names.

In addition to that, maybe you have an ‘I heart Surfing’ sticker in the corner. Well, now it’s pretty obvious that on a beautiful Saturday morning you and your family will probably be at the beach for a few hours. Criminals now have a perfect time frame to get in and out unscathed.

It’s not uncommon to add in a little sticker for your home team pride. You’re probably more likely to attend games, which gives away another time frame you might be away from your home.

Now, if your child has made the honor roll, of course you’re beaming with pride. You probably want to show the world that they’ve worked hard, but now everyone knows where your child goes to school AND potentially their name.

All of these seemingly innocent stickers combine to show the world your schedule, family makeup, and so much more. It’s time to rethink the ways we show our interests and pride. Your car is speaking a whole lot more loudly than you probably thought.


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