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$2500 Annual Donation

Did you know that CAUSE is advocating for your business and the proper use of criminal background checks every day? Sue’s story is why you do what you do. Each time we share it, we are promoting your industry, educating law makers and consumers, and saving lives. We rely on your financial support to continue promoting the screening industry. Please consider making a donation today to become a CAUSE Partner!

Partners Benefits:

* CRA will be listed on CAUSE website with logo and direct link to your website

* Partnership announced on social media and CAUSE newsletter

* Includes CAUSE Certification annual fee for sponsoring CRA ($500 value)

* Discounted CAUSE Certification to all of your clients ($400 annually vs $500)

* First opportunity to sponsor CAUSE events

* 2 events per year for CAUSE representative to engage with audience of your choice (clients, prospects, community awareness, conference presentations, etc) Travel expenses to be reimbursed.

* Your industry is promoted each time CAUSE is invited to be in the media or speaks.

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