Stranger danger isn’t just for little kids….

Stranger danger isn’t just for little kids….

Know Who Is At Your Door

Know Who Is At Your Door

When is the last time you talked to your kids about “Stranger Danger”?  If they are pretty young that answer may be pretty recent.  With school starting I imagine it is a topic in many households, or at least I hope it is!  What if they are heading off to college, or a new city with their first career?  You probably know your older kids wouldn’t get in a car with a stranger to go look for a lost puppy….but what about the pizza delivery guy, the apartment maintenance man, the roommate’s controlling boyfriend?

Many apartment complexes are starting to run background checks on the tenants, some even include criminal history, not just credit checks.  I applaud those that are thinking about the safety of their tenants, not just if they will get their rent on time.  BUT, how many of those same complexes have preformed proper criminal background checks on the maintenance staff?  And, what about when they contract outside services for repairs inside the apartment?  Have they properly background screened those workers?  Could your child be home alone when a “stranger” enters their apartment for repairs?

Even if you are feeling like you have warned and lectured enough.  Please don’t send your kids off on their own without reminding them and yourself that stranger danger still applies!

“Bonded and Insured” does NOT mean a criminal background check has been preformed.

There is no reason for the pizza delivery person to enter your home. And, someone coming to the door selling something should never be invited in!

Always keep close to an exit, it is better to be by a door then trapped in a corner

Don’t be home alone with a service man or maintenance person, invite a friend over.

Always check that the windows are still locked after someone has been in your home, especially if you weren’t there when the work was done, as is often the case in apartments.

“Things” can be replaced, family and friends cannot!

Proper criminal background checks should have protected these victims.  In all of these cases the perpetrator used his employment to find his victim, he had a criminal record and the employer did not preform a criminal background check.

For more information, please visit The Sue Weaver C.A.U.S.E., Consumer Awareness of Unsafe Service Employment

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