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  1. The $9 Million Negligent Hiring Lawsuit

    “RiteAid Settles for $2.4 Million for Negligent Hiring”, “Negligent Hiring Case Settles for $5.4 Million”, “Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaner Arrested for Murder”… These are the headlines all businesses want to avoid. While thorough background screening may not be at the top of your priority list, it could save your business and your image. Proper background checks make good business sense allowing employers to place applicants in the most appropriate positions. Learn how to better protect your business and your reputation while keeping your employees and clients safer.


  2. Broken Promises: Putting the Pieces Back Together

    A sister’s promise to grow old together was broken when tragedy struck in 2001. A terrible nightmare had come to life, and one sister made a new promise- a promise to spread an important message, a promise to tell her sister’s story, a promise to protect women everywhere. This is a story of overcoming tragedy and having faith that the greater good can and will prevail against tribulation. 


  3. Do You Know Who’s at Your Door?

    Have you ever given a second thought to who is coming into your home for cleaning services, or plumbing assistance, or even to care for your children? Consumers allow strangers into their homes every single day, and they assume those employees are safe.  They assume that companies care about their safety and well-being. Countless tragic stories tell us otherwise. Learn how to better protect your family, yourself, your home, and your workplace with practical tips. 


“At one time or another we all need to invite a stranger into our home. Perpetrators often find their victims through their jobs, so don’t become another statistic by knowingly inviting danger into your home. Empower yourself to make educated choices for you and your family.”


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