Safety Tip Tuesday | May 2015 Recap

Aging Parents

Safety Tip Tuesday | May 2015 Recap


Always lock your car doors when pumping gas. Criminals have been known to snatch purses, hide inside cars, or drive away altogether while the driver is distracted at the pump.


Carrying infants can be an exhausting and distracting feat. It’s best to park near the cart return so that you can quickly transfer your child into the shopping cart and you’re not weighed down lugging the carseat through the parking lot. It’s also best not to change your child’s diaper in the trunk if you can avoid it, as it leaves you open to predators. STT86 copy

Moms- life can be extremely busy while you’re raising kids- between carpool, making meals, mothering, working, and the many other roles you fill. Do your best to keep yourself free from distractions. Being aware of your surroundings can protect you and your kids.

aging parents

Did you know that almost 10% of the elderly population was abused in 2010? It’s crucial to know who is taking care of your aging parents. Ask if the caretakers are background screened. Ask how often. Ask which screens are conducted. You can never be too cautious when it comes to your loved ones.