Safety Tip Tuesday | June 2015 Recap

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Safety Tip Tuesday | June 2015 Recap



Neighbors can be our best tool in protecting our homes throughout the course of everyday life, and especially during vacations.  Take the time to get to know them and build trust.11147077_1010469625650673_338579457534204114_n


Criminals look for habits, so make sure you change up your routine from time to time.  10307197_1014995708531398_4723203369446796639_n


This is a great tool if you want to scare of potential burglars.11406878_1005586739472295_2200713783757824155_n


Leaving tools or ladders outside overnight allows strangers easier access to your home- make sure these items are properly stored every day.11051780_1000893033274999_4306132023780781495_nIt might be more convenient, but it’s crucial to keep your home well locked and secure at all times.