Safety Tip Tuesday | January 2015 Recap


Safety Tip Tuesday | January 2015 Recap


You know how you keep all your bank cards and cash in your wallet/purse when you’re at home? Well, don’t do this while you’re traveling.


If you receive a call from your credit card company about potential fraud on your account, hang up and call the number printed on the back of your card. Likewise, if you are in a hotel and get a call to your room from its staff about a problem with your credit card or regarding the need to enter your room for a repair or any other reason – hang up and call back. Always hang up and call back at a pre-known, authentic number. STT68Cameras are recording everywhere. Use caution when inputting sensitive codes.


Avoid displaying expensive items that might draw attention while traveling in foreign locations. STT70

Make sure no one in the hotel lobby hears your assigned room number- especially if you’re a woman traveling alone.