Safety Tip Tuesday | April 2014 Recap


Safety Tip Tuesday | April 2014 Recap


 Opening up your sliding glass doors is a great way to welcome spring, but keep these tips in mind when you’re away or sleeping. Install a bar, a secondary lock, and an alarm system to better protect yourself and your home. When you’re not home, keep the blinds or curtains pulled shut.

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As temperatures rise, so will crime rates. This Spring, make sure the outside of your home doesn’t invite criminals. Your hide-a-key & hiding spots are most likely not as discreet as you might think. STT28

Now is a great time to check all of your outdoor lighting. Homes with outside lights turned on are statistically less likely to be burglarized. Keeping your front porch light on is the easiest option, and the cost is minimal compared to the security you’re gaining. Motion lights around your home are also great deterrents to criminals. STT29

Gardening and home exterior maintenance are in full swing- be cautious with tools you leave in your yard. STT30 copy