Safety Tip Tuesday | October 2013 Recap

Safety Tip Tuesday | October 2013 Recap


Having friendships with your neighbors allows you to have extra eyes on your home and neighborhood. You can also turn to them when you’re leaving for vacation.


Since most families are gone during the day, burglars take advantage of empty homes. Easy ways to create the illusion that you’re still home are to leave a few lights/lamps on, or leaving the TV or music on while you’re gone for a few hours.


Your yard can still be lush and lovely without welcoming criminals to hide out in the overgrown bushes. Be especially careful with tall bushes close to the side of your home near the front or back door.


It’s always better to give a spare key to a trusty neighbor or nearby family member. Hide-a-Keys are extremely common now, and are no longer a clever way to disguise your spare key.

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