Questions to Ask Service Providers


Questions to Ask Service Providers

  1. Are you CAUSE Certified?
  2. When does your Certification expire?
If the company claims to be CAUSE Certified, always confirm their status on our website.  Their certification could be expired or they may have never been certified to begin with.  The online database has the most current, accurate, and secure information.

 If not CAUSE Certified:

  1. Do you perform criminal background checks on your employees, contractors, and subcontractors?
  2. When and how often are the background checks performed?
  3. Which background screening company do you use to perform background checks? 
  4. How can I be assured that the person being sent into my home has had a criminal background check performed?

You’re also able to refer non certified companies to us, and we’ll reach out to them.  Simply fill out the contact form.

If the service provider you are considering doesn’t want to answer these questions or answers them unsatisfactorily, then consider hiring someone else for your own safety. KNOW who’s at your door.