About CAUSE Certification

Protect Your Family, Protect Your Business!

CAUSE Certification is a program designed to offer service providers a means of hiring safer employees, contractors and subcontractors to safety-conscious consumers.  Annual criminal background checks are required on all employees, contractors & subcontractors following CAUSE Minimum Screening Standards and criminal investigations are compared to the CAUSE Matrix for Certification eligibility. CAUSE Certification is the only program using a qualifying matrix to assist employers in placing the applicant in the most appropriate position. 

FREE to consumers, CAUSE Certification is designed to allow CAUSE Certified businesses to be searchable by ZIP code and type of service.  At this time we are revamping the program in order to make it more user friendly.  At this time we have suspended processing applications until further notice.  Please check back for updates.   

The CAUSE Certified logo is service marked and may only be used by those businesses that are CAUSE Certified and have explicit permission from The Sue Weaver CAUSE for its use.

CAUSE Certification: Key to a Safer WorkForce

  • Improves Risk Management
  • Minimizes Liability
  • Reduces Negligent Hiring
  • Promotes Competitive Advantage
  • Requires Annual Criminal Background Checks using CAUSE Minimum Screening Standards
  • Background investigations are compared to CAUSE Matrix for Certification eligibility