ABC 12 News // Murder Victim’s Sister Develops Website Protecting Homeowners

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ABC 12 News // Murder Victim’s Sister Develops Website Protecting Homeowners


March 6, 2010 6:47:43 PM PST

(03/06/10) — In 2001, an air conditioning repairman, who was a twice convicted sex offender, raped and murdered a Texas woman, then set her house on fire.The victim’s name was Sue Weaver and her sister, Lucia Bone, is taking action so that the devastation she faced will never happen again. 

Bone created a unique Web site, which demands that a company’s employees who enter a person’s home must pass an extensive criminal background check.

Bone’s sister’s death motivates her to keep moving forward. “There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t remember her and think about her.” 

Bone aspires to certify numerous businesses all over the United States in hopes that her idea will ultimately become federal law. 

She believes her Web site would have saved her sister’s life.

Bone’s understands it will take work, but wants to see her goal realized. “It’s going to take consumers driving it. It’s going to take businesses understanding the importance of it.” 

Some ‘handyman’ services are already listed on the site.

Business Owner Michael Riley thinks homeowners are entitled to this knowledge. “They have to have the confidence that whoever’s doing the work on their house is doing a professional job. That they have already had their background check.” 

Bone’s love and devotion for her sister runs deep. “I’m not doing anything that Sue would not have done for me.”

This Web site simply provides an extra assurance for homeowners that the handy man or woman who comes through their door has been thoroughly checked out.

The Web site currently has only a few companies listed, of which non are from Michigan.

Bone is hoping her idea takes off and that companies respond.


PDF: After 2001 murder, victim’s sister develops Web site protecting homeowners – 3_06_10 – Flint News and Saginaw News –

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