Do you know who’s at your door?

Do you know who’s at your door?

Just because you trust the company you hire, it doesn’t mean the employees they send into your home are not convicted felons. Don’t become a statistic, criminals often use their employment to find their next victim.

Bonded and insured does NOT mean a criminal background check has been preformed on the workers that come into your home. It only means the company has insurance and if something is broken or stolen, you might get it replaced. It in no way reflects the character of the worker entering your home.

Many major corporations use subcontractors. Be aware you may not be hiring who you think.

Know Who’s at Your Door, choose C.A.U.S.E. Certified businesses to better Protect Your Family! They background screen all of their employees, contractors and subcontractors annually following C.A.U.S.E. Minimum Screening Standards.

Please remember our safety tips when hiring a service provider. Your possessions are replaceable, your family is not!

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