CAUSE Certification is a program designed to offer service providers a means of hiring safer employees, contractors and subcontractors to safety-conscious consumers.  Annual criminal background checks are required on all employees, contractors & subcontractors following CAUSE Minimum Screening Standards and criminal investigations are compared to the CAUSE Matrix for Certification eligibility.

FREE to consumers, CAUSE Certified Service Providers are searchable by ZIP code and type of service on the CAUSE website. CAUSE Certified Service Providers can grant their customers unique access to the CAUSE Clearinghouse to view a picture and physical description of the tech assigned to their service work.

CAUSE Certification 

  • Minimizes liability & reduces risk
  • Reduces negligent hiring & retention
  • Promotes a competitive advantage in an over-crowded marketplace
  • Sets an unprecedented industry standard for proper background screening
  • Utilizes an objective matrix for screen result analysis
  • Enhances company image & goodwill

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