CAUSE Weekly Wrap Up | 10


CAUSE Weekly Wrap Up | 10

  • Use a rideshare service? It’s supposed to get safer.  Full story here.


  • After Brooklyn gun smuggling investigation, TSA adding new security measures. An Atlanta baggage handler was accused of smuggling guns on commercial jets, and the TSA is now tightening security rules. Full story here.


  • Another look at the TSA changes including recurring background checks and a reduction in airport access points. TSA adding security measures, including more frequent background checks, for aviation workers.  Full story here.


  • Emergency Managers Debate the Need for Background Checks for Volunteers.  There is the potential for our volunteers to come into contact with children or vulnerable populations, and we want to ensure that in those instances we are doing our due diligence…” Full story here.


  • Sex offences prompt school division to enforce volunteer record checks.  Full story here.


  • Another reminder that not all background checks are created equal. List of schools where arrested substitute teacher worked released.  Full story here.


  • Mt. Lebanon school volunteers required to get criminal background checks. It’s good to see a school putting children’s safety first. Full story here.


  • 10 tips to protect your child from a pedophile.  A great article every parent should read. Full story here.


  • Bystander Intervention is a tough topic that comes up when talking about Sexual Assault Prevention.  Know what to do? Jeff McKissack shares his tips on the CAUSE blog:  Full story here.


  • Due to Ohio’s background check system being outdated & overloaded, police officers, hiring managers, and parents trusting their children’s caregivers may not know they’re dealing with a criminal. Off The Record: Attorney General Pledges Action.  Full story here.


  • Uber Announces 20,000-Plus Jobs in Texas, Hundreds in Lubbock.  HB 2440 has been introduced in Texas- including legislation to better protect passengers. Full story here


Have tips or stories on background screening efforts and/or consumer safety? Let us know in the comments below!

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