CAUSE Weekly Wrap Up | 09


CAUSE Weekly Wrap Up | 09

  • Victims react to contractor’s arrest in fence, deck scam. “Almost every victim interviewed by the Herald said they found Henry’s 5 Star Fence and Deck on Despite the site’s claim to vet contractors with background checks, Bilberry said homeowners looking for contractors should avoid the site.” Full story here.


  • Two more Tacoma day cares closed by state; operators deny allegations, say they’re being treated unfairly.  Full story here.


  • New Jersey considers stricter background checks for school contractors. New Jersey legislators have proposed a bill that would require contracted school vendors and their employees to undergo the same background checks (including criminal records) that staff and educators employed directly though the school must go through. Full story here.


  • PARCC: Private workers seeing student info need background checks, bill says.  “If we are going to give these individuals a window into the social media lives of our students, then we should ensure that they are law-abiding citizens who will not use this access and information for nefarious purposes,” said Assemblyman Ralph Caputo (D-Essex), one of the bill’s sponsors. Full story here.


  • Denton, Uber disagree on background checks.  Full story here.


  • Background checks for Radnor School District volunteers to start July 1.  Full story here.


  • Work being done on child abuse background checks law to provide clarity. Full story here.


  • Uber Driver Accused of Rape Spent 14 Years in Prison.  “Apparently, Uber is struggling to get its drivers the proper permits – a permit that likely would not have been granted to Burton.” Full story here.


  • Uber Tells Texas Lawmakers Its Background Checks Are Totally Fine.  Full story here.


  • Bill To Require Background Checks On Youth Sports Proposed Once Again At State Capitol. “Youth sports is a vulnerable environment, it’s an open door to sexual predators so if we put up a blockage for them, they’re going to go somewhere else,” said Peterson. Full story here.


  • Uber’s safety standards don’t live up to website claims. “Riders, meanwhile, should mix some caution in with the cool and convenience. Think twice before stepping into a car with a stranger who may or may not have cleared a weak screening process using a fake birthdate.” Full story here.


  • Women’s Group Wants Uber, Lyft to Improve Background Checks.  Full story here.


  • Mass NOW calls on ride hailing services to address safety.  Full story here.


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