CAUSE Weekly Wrap Up | 07


CAUSE Weekly Wrap Up | 07

  • Angie’s List boasts that they provide ‘Reviews you can trust’.  Consumers are finding out the hard way that that may not be true.  Full story here.


  • Denver City Council grills Denver Human Services leadership about background check failures. Denver Human Services is making some positive changes. Full story here.


  • Hortonville skipped background check in Vaile hiring.  Full story here.


  • Uber driver in Denver accused of burglary attempt at passenger’s house.  Uber driver drove a woman to the airport and then returned to her home and attempted to break in. Full story here.


  • Social service worker charged with sex assault of teen volunteer.  An employee at a social service agency has been charged with sexually assaulting a teenage volunteer. Full story here.


  • Concerns over public safety prompt background checks for mobile food vendors. “At the end of the day, when somebody is selling you ice cream, we just want to know who that guy is and where he came from,” Borough Administrator Fred Carr said.  Full story here.


  • Background checks for all coaches.  Positive steps for ensuring children’s safety.  Full story here.


  • Bill would end criminal checks on some job applicants.  One giant step backwards for our safety. Full story here.


  • Former teacher says he warned district about possible inappropriate conduct of vice president of the district education association.  Full story here.


  • School district to run background checks on visitors. While a quick fingerprint search is not all encompassing, it’s a good start.  Full story here.


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