CAUSE Weekly Wrap Up | 05


CAUSE Weekly Wrap Up | 05

  • Weinberg Bill Requiring International Backgrounds Checks for Doctors, Surgeons Advances. One doctor who was convicted of manslaughter in the UK has been practicing in New Jersey. Full story here.


  • Jury Awards Families of Murdered Employees Over $8 Million.  An employee murdered two co-workers after being suspended, and the office’s security company was partially at fault for not being properly trained or following protocol. Full story here.


  • Proposed California law would tighten Uber background checks.  Taxi companies are pushing for Uber & Lyft drivers to adopt fingerprint background checks in addition to the checks they’re already doing. These two industries are battling it out for market share, and basing their arguments on consumer safety procedures. Full story here.


  • Airport Workers Raise Concerns About Employee Access, Background Checks.  The existing screening measures for certain airport employees are being challenged. “What good is all the screening at the front door if they are not paying attention enough at the back door?” Rep. John Katko (R-New York) asked during a Feb. 3 congressional subcommittee hearing on airport security. Full story here.


  • Portland businesses want to make sure they can check criminal histories of job applicants (Poll results). The Portland Business Journal polled readers recently about ‘banning the box’. 52% said that business owners should be able to decide if they want to screen their employees or not. Full story here. 


  • California taxis sue Uber, allege false advertising, unfair competition. Another Uber suit- this time about unfair competition based on falsely advertising safety to customers. Full story here.


  • Toomey bill would compel wider background checks for school employees. “The measure would require states to compel school districts to conduct more extensive background checks for employees and volunteers who work with children. States would have to prohibit the hiring of school employees convicted of violent or sexual crimes, homicide, or crimes against children such as abuse, neglect or pornography.” Full story here.


  •  Drug Felony Not Included In Day Care Background Check.  Our children should be our top priority.  If we’re not thoroughly vetting their caretakers, we are opening them up to danger. Full story here.


  • Contractor Charged With Murder of Food Network Star Cristie Schoen, Husband.  Owens — a contractor whom the Codds had hired to work on their home — has been charged with two counts of felony first-degree murder, felony murder of an unborn child, breaking and entering and larceny. Full story here.

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