CAUSE Weekly Wrap Up | 04


CAUSE Weekly Wrap Up | 04

  • Sexual Predators Hidden in Federal Witness Protection Program. The crimes of some of those protected by the program include rape and sexual assault of children. Full story here.


  • Another city is trying to push Uber to better their safety standards.  Eugene, Oregon sues Uber to stop ride-sharing service until it meets safety rules. Full story here.


  • A group home hired a man with a criminal history who beat a 16 year old to death.  Suit alleges Carrick group home where teen was killed was negligent. Full story here.


  • Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association To Implement Background Checks For Officials. Full story here.


  • No background checks? No malpractice insurance? No inspections? No problem for Arizona dentists.  How much trust do you place in your dentist? Full story here.


  • Congress Presses Uber And Lyft On Driver Background Checks.  Full story here.


  • Criminal background checks for teachers under bill proposed by Sen. Pat Toomey.  In addition to thorough background checks, the bill would prevent, Toomey said, the practice known as “passing the trash,” which is when school districts knowingly pass along or recommend a known predator to another school district, even across state lines. Full story here.


  • Georgia > House Passes “Uber” Bill.  Bill was approved to require drivers for companies such as Uber and Lyft to undergo background checks, just as cab drivers do. Full story here.


  • Background checks aren’t required, see how Grand Valley youth programs screen their employees. Full story here.


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