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    Safety Tip Tuesday | September 2015 Recap

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    Safety Tip Tuesday | August 2015 Recap

    Use proper bars and latches to ensure safety.  Consider having improved glass installed as well. With children heading back to school, be extra cautious for pedestrians and school bus crossings. Always be attentive when walking through parking garages and parking lots.  Talking on your phone …

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    Safety Tip Tuesday | July 2015 Recap

    Criminals can break into your car and use your GPS to locate your home.  Storing actual addresses can lead to even more danger. Bystanders typically aid more victims if ‘Fire’ is yelled instead of ‘Help’. This may seem like common sense, but so many of …

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    Safety Tip Tuesday | June 2015 Recap

      Neighbors can be our best tool in protecting our homes throughout the course of everyday life, and especially during vacations.  Take the time to get to know them and build trust.   Criminals look for habits, so make sure you change up your routine …

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  • Aging Parents

    Safety Tip Tuesday | May 2015 Recap

    Always lock your car doors when pumping gas. Criminals have been known to snatch purses, hide inside cars, or drive away altogether while the driver is distracted at the pump. Carrying infants can be an exhausting and distracting feat. It’s best to park near the …

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    Safety Tip Tuesday | April 2015 Recap

    Being free from distractions and being aware of your surroundings is key to preventing assault. It’s crucial to keep the lines of communication open with your kids. Talk clearly about what is right and wrong. Let it be an ongoing conversation. Prevent child sexual assault …

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  • STT79

    Safety Tip Tuesday | March 2015 Recap

    Just a friendly reminder to ensure your home and your family are safe this spring break. Enjoy your vacations! Planning a hike or camping trick? Keep this acronym in mind. Most importantly, ALWAYS let someone know where you’re headed. It’s time to sign your kids …

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  • STT75

    Safety Tip Tuesday | February 2015 Recap

    Consider meeting them at an agreed upon location. You may also decide to drive for the first few dates, or until you feel comfortable. Consider scheduling group activities with multiple couples/friends. Always let someone know who you are going out with and where you are …

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  • STT70

    Safety Tip Tuesday | January 2015 Recap

    You know how you keep all your bank cards and cash in your wallet/purse when you’re at home? Well, don’t do this while you’re traveling. If you receive a call from your credit card company about potential fraud on your account, hang up and call …

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  • STT65

    Safety Tip Tuesday | December 2014 Recap

      Traveling with kids can be stressful. Make sure you’ve briefed them on all the important info before heading to the airport. The Holiday parties are fast approaching, and as you plan for caterers, bartenders, & chair/table/linen rental companies to be in your home, make …

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