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  • “Prayers & People”

    It all began as we were working on the 4th Annual Dancing for C.A.U.S.E., our gala fundraiser.  I was feeling especially tired, frustrated, defeated and disappointed.   The sponsorships and ticket sales were not where we needed them to be.  It seemed everything within the …

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  • Background Checks, Tool to Safer Workforce

    Do you support the use of criminal background checks?  If so, speak up today! You might just be saving a life or a negligent hiring lawsuit.  Please take a few minutes to submit your comments today, the deadline in Monday, January 21, 2013. …

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  • Stranger danger isn’t just for little kids….

    When is the last time you talked to your kids about “Stranger Danger”?  If they are pretty young that answer may be pretty recent.  With school starting I imagine it is a topic in many households, or at least I hope it is!  What if …

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  • Eeoc Logo

    EEOC, were they really listening?

    This week the EEOC held a hearing on “Arrest and Conviction Records as a Barrier to Employment” in Washington, DC to a packed room.  Here is what the audience didn’t hear…the letter I sent to each member of the EEOC. July 21, 2011 U.S. Equal …

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