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  • STT46

    Newborn Babies [Over-sharing, Under-protected]

    Oh baby baby… One of life’s greatest joys is that of a newborn baby. Of course we can’t wait to share our much anticipated and exciting news with the world. Wait, the world? That seems like an exaggeration. But is it? Who and how we …

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  • STT41

    Safety Tip Tuesday | July 2014 Recap

     If you find yourself in close contact with your attacker, use the strongest part of your body to injure them and get away. The elevator will always be safer than a secluded stairwell. Standing near the front allows you to get off if you feel …

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  • STT38

    Safety Tip Tuesday | June 2014 Recap

    Your belongings aren’t worth your life. This may be your only opportunity to get away if you’re being targeted. Traveling is stressful enough- don’t make things more difficult for yourself. If your hands aren’t free, you can’t protect yourself or your family. Make sure no …

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  • House Committee On Education And The Workforce 1

    Workforce Protections Testimony | June 10, 2014

    This week our Founder, Lucia Bone, had the honor of testifying in D.C. regarding employers’ use of criminal background checks in the hiring process and the EEOC’s over-reach regarding these matters. You can watch the full recording here, but below you’ll find Lucia’s written testimony. Weigh …

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  • STT31

    Safety Tip Tuesday | May 2014 Recap

    Coach your children on who to call and which neighbors to go to should an unsafe situation arise. Play out a few scenarios and teach them what to do.  Did you know that your default privacy/location settings on social media may be showing much more …

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  • First Sign

    CAUSE Partners with First Sign Technologies

    The Sue Weaver C.A.U.S.E. is celebrating 10 years as a non-profit this Spring. 10 years of sharing Sue’s story, 10 years of advocating for consumer safety legislation, 10 years of arming consumers with practical safety tips, and 10 years of community involvement. The organization has …

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  • Giveaway 600x600

    Help Us Celebrate 10 Years! {A Giveaway}

    Friends, we are so excited to be celebrating TEN years as a non-profit this Spring! As a way to thank you, and to further spread our message, we’ve decided to give away a few special items that we believe will better protect you and your …

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  • STT29

    Spring Safety | Top 5 Tips for a Safer Home

    As temperatures rise, we can expect crime to follow suit. Believe it or not, weather has a lot to do with a criminal’s plans. They dislike going out in the snow just as much as you and I, so warm air and sunshine are the …

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  • STT28

    Safety Tip Tuesday | April 2014 Recap

     Opening up your sliding glass doors is a great way to welcome spring, but keep these tips in mind when you’re away or sleeping. Install a bar, a secondary lock, and an alarm system to better protect yourself and your home. When you’re not home, …

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  • STT26

    Spring Safety | Sliding Glass Doors

    Sliding glass doors make for a lovely way to usher in the beautiful weather April brings. While these doors were installed to better take in the scenery and make homes feel more connected with the outdoors, they do also bring about some potential dangers. First …

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