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    Facts & Stats

    A CAUSE for Proper, Annual Background Screening 93% of Recruiters Say Background Screening Amplifies Their Talent Acquisition Efforts. (HireRight’s 2014 Annual Employment Screening Benchmark) 72% of respondents reported that background screening uncovered issues that would not otherwise have been found. (HireRight’s 2014 Annual Employment Screening …

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    Questions to Ask Service Providers

    Are you CAUSE Certified? When does your Certification expire? If the company claims to be CAUSE Certified, always confirm their status on our website.  Their certification could be expired or they may have never been certified to begin with.  The online database has the most current, …

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    Safety Suggestions

    Hire CAUSE Certified companies and individuals. Do not hesitate to say “No” if you don’t feel safe when the worker arrives. Trust your instincts. Be aware inside and outside of your home. Our everyday habits can often open us up to violence. It is always …

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    Safety Tip Tuesday | December 2014 Recap

      Traveling with kids can be stressful. Make sure you’ve briefed them on all the important info before heading to the airport. The Holiday parties are fast approaching, and as you plan for caterers, bartenders, & chair/table/linen rental companies to be in your home, make …

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    ‘Tis the Season to Throw Parties

     Christmas is right around the corner, but before we celebrate with our families, why not spread the Holiday cheer with our friends and acquaintances? These gatherings can be small and intimate or large, more formal affairs. No matter what, you’re bound to have strangers coming …

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    Safety Tip Tuesday | November 2014 Recap

    If someone breaks into your car, you don’t want to make it easy for him or her to break in and rob your home. Also, if you park your car outside of the garage, make sure you remove garage door openers when you’re not driving. …

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    Safety Tip Tuesday | October 2014 Recap

    When hiring service workers, ASK the right questions. You have a right to hear the answers. Always put away ladders and yard equipment. Criminals could use these items to their advantage. Avoid becoming a predictable target. Change things up today. Kids are more than twice …

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    Safety Tip Tuesday | September 2014 Recap

    Please think twice before sharing your location. You may think you’re safe because you’ve set your privacy settings to ‘only friends’, but there are loopholes around this (i.e. losing a phone or accidentally staying logged in on a public computer). Don’t give criminals a green …

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    Safety Tip Tuesday | August 2014 Recap

    Keep your new baby’s personal info private. Avoid congratulatory yard signs that tip off strangers and potential predators.  Sharing your family’s names, children’s activities & schools, favorite sports teams, etc… can tip off strangers to your habits & personal information. Use caution next time you …

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    What is your car saying? [Over-sharing, Under-protected]

    …Family of five with 3 dogs and 1 cat …Loves to surf …Favorite sports team? …Middle School honor roll student All of these bumper stickers may seem like simple messages intended to show off your pride, your family structure, or your honor roll student, but …

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