Sue Weaver’s Story


Cathy Sue Weaver was raped and beaten to death in her suburban Orlando, FL home on August 27, 2001.  Her killer then set her home on fire with the intent of destroying any evidence.

Six months prior to her murder, Sue had contracted with Burdine’s, a premier FL department store, to have the air ducts in her home cleaned.  Unbeknownst to her, both of the men sent on the service call had criminal records. One of the men was a twice-convicted sex offender on parole.  Six months after the service work was completed, Jeffrey Hefling returned to Sue’s home to rape and murder her.

Sue’s murder is not an isolated case.  Tragically, many consumers are sexually assaulted and murdered each year by employees whose jobs allow them access to their victims.  The Sue Weaver CAUSE, Consumer Awareness of Unsafe Service Employment, has been founded in Sue’s memory to promote education and awareness to the dangers of not knowing who you hire. CAUSE’s national awareness campaign educates consumers, employers and legislators on the necessity of proper annual criminal background checks on workers entering our homes or working with the vulnerable populations.

Sue’s Life

Sue WeaverCathy Sue Weaver was born May 16, 1949 in Missouri. Her artistic ability throughout childhood led her to graduate in 1971 with a degree in Interior Design from University of Missouri. She received her Master’s degree in Business Administration from University of Kansas in 1980 and worked for twenty-two years in the banking industry.

In 1994, Sue left the corporate world and founded Embroidery Concepts, Inc., a custom embroidery digitizing company. She loved her work and her customers, and soon her talent for giving life to designs with thread was in great demand by high-profile accounts. A few of her recognizable designs include embroidered state seals found on leather chairs in state capitol buildings, numerous Disney and Warner Brothers designs, and detailed wildlife designs less than one inch tall for a belt manufacturer. Sue possessed an amazing artistic talent for design, and this was her passion until her death.

In 2002, Carpe Diem Sales and Marketing in Winter Park, Florida, honored her life with the Sue Weaver Memorial Award. Embroidery/Monogram Business Magazine sponsored the competition at their annual conference and Carpe Diem recognized an outstanding digitizer with this award.

Sue Weaver was an amazing woman with incredible talents that included weaving, drawing, painting, and stained glass. She also enjoyed orchids, golf, flying, reading and relaxing at the beach, and her love of nature allowed her to see the beauty in everything. Highly regarded by her peers and loved by her family and friends, she is missed deeply by those who knew her.

Letter from Founder, Lucia Bone

lucia-bone-2At one time or another we all have strangers coming to our homes—to repair a washer or dryer, to have our carpets cleaned, for pest control, to deliver a new piece of furniture, or to service our pool. These are routine activities of home ownership, however, are you aware of the potential danger you face when you open the door to that mover, delivery, or service person? How do you know it’s safe to let them into your home or to even open the door to them? Such a home service cost my sister her life!

The Sue Weaver CAUSE, Consumer Awareness of Unsafe Service Employment, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was founded in 2004 in memory of my sister, Cathy Sue Weaver.  Sue’s murder could and should have been prevented.  Through education, awareness,  and CAUSE Certification, CAUSE works to prevent tragedies like hers from happening to others.  It is our hope that Sue’s story will raise awareness for both consumers and employers on the “Dangers of Not Knowing Who You Hire.”

We “assume” the companies that we hire to care for our family, deliver our new furniture or make a home repair have our best interests at heart and would never send a convicted felon into our home.  Think again….how do we know they are properly screening those workers they send into our homes?  Do you know the true meaning of “Bonded & Insured”?“How do you know who is safe to let into your home? Without CAUSE, you don’t”

We developed CAUSE Certification to better protect consumers and employers by offering a means of hiring safer employers, contractors and subcontractors.  CAUSE Certification is unique from any other referral or certification program as we are a non-profit organization with a mission of “Consumer Awareness of Unsafe Service Employment”.  Consumers can find CAUSE Certified Businesses for FREE on our website along with the assurance they are better protecting their families.  Businesses get the benefit of hiring safer workers and reducing their liability risk of negligent hiring and negligent retention lawsuits by screening all of their employers, contractors and subcontractors annually following CAUSE Minimum Screening Standards.

CAUSE firmly believes that everyone has the right to work and that there is an appropriate job for everyone.  However, not everyone should have a job allowing them access to our homes, our family, or the vulnerable populations.

Thank you for visiting our website. We welcome your comments and look forward to hearing from you.

Be Safe,

Lucia Bone