Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Helping you feel safer in your home by requiring criminal background checks for service workers.

Consumer Awareness of Unsafe Service Employment (CAUSE)

Our Vision

Everyone should feel safe in their home.  

Consumers assume that all service companies send background screened workers to their homes.  Fact is, very few companies conduct a thorough background check, and there are very few laws that require it. Through public awareness, advocacy, and service provider education, we can establish a standard of screening for every worker who enters your home.  

  • Public Awareness
    • Speaking locally and nationally to educate consumers and business owners on the potential dangers of unsafe service workers
    • Sharing our message through events, strategic partnerships, and marketing efforts so that all consumers feel armed and able to better protect themselves
  • Service Provider Education
    • Setting an unprecedented standard for background screening procedures
    • Education pertaining to negligent hiring lawsuits, employee safety, customer safety, and the overall dangers of not screening properly
  • Consumer Safety Legislation
    • Advocating for effective legislation at local, state, and federal levels 

Accomplishing Our Vision

  • Speaking at local and national events.
    • Consumer Groups
    • Businesses
    • HR professionals
    • Legislators
  • Ensure structure of board and volunteers reflects goals of the organization.
  • Increase active volunteers and supporters.
  • Ongoing effective training and education of staff, volunteers, and committees.
  • Partner with other organizations with similar goals, including but not limited to: non-profits, employers, insurance companies, law enforcement, and government agencies.
  • Maintaining affiliate membership in NAPBS (National Association of Professional Background Screeners) including committee participation.
  • Funding through private donations, corporate sponsorships, foundation & government grants.