Security Steps


Security Steps

07/04/2004 Orlando Sentinel (FL)

Lucia Bone, an activist for national legislation requiring employers to conduct criminal background checks before sending workers into a customer’s home, has created the nonprofit group The Sue Weaver CAUSE.

Her sister, Cathy Sue Weaver, was raped and killed inside her southwest Orange County home in 2001 by a man hired to clean her air ducts. Bone’s Web site for her nonprofit advocacy group,, includes a number of suggestions to consumers to protect themselves.

Those tips include:

* Before hiring any company for repair work or even a delivery, ask if their employees have been subjected to a criminal background check. If the company says no, don’t use it. Keep looking and tell those that don’t do searches why you won’t hire them.

* Have another adult in the house when a delivery or repair work is scheduled. Children should not be used as protection. A predator can use your children against you.

* Be aware and alert of who is coming into your home.

SOURCE: Lucia Bone, founder of The Sue Weaver CAUSE and

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